Saturday, November 15, 2014

Wrap Dress (Onion 2037)

After posting about this semi-fail dress, a reader suggested trying out the wrap dress by the pattern company Onion (I can't find a webpage, but you can purchase pattern 2037 here or here).  After dragging my feet about buying another dress pattern, I bit the bullet when I found this lovely Stenzo cotton/ lycra fabric from L'oiseau Fabrics.  It just seemed like the most perfect fabric for a Fall wrap dress.
As I expected, the pattern directions are all in Danish, with no English translation (that I could find, though I've read rumors...) and no drawings.  After extensive online research about the construction of the neckline/ wrap tie junction, a couple hints here and there helped me along (which I can't find now...ergh).
The pattern was quick and easy, and well drafted.  There are some fit adjustments I have to make for my own shape, but I can definitely see many more of these in my future (especially since I just bought a new serger...I'll make introductions when she arrives and impresses me :)  The only changes I made are to reduce the sleeves to 3/4 length.
The neckline is a wide band, which I completely love.  Feels nice and secure (reduced the length by about an inch to make sure it was snug), though it could maybe be pulled a little tighter at the back neckline--we'll see after I wash it.
There is a small opening in the side seam of the dress (I put it on the right side) and the ties wrap around twice, ending up in the back--makes a bit of a waistband in the front, which I like a lot.
I love the feel, weight and quality of this fabric.  I'll be definitely be buying more Stenzo knits...probably for another one of these dresses :)
Sewing Resewlution 2014, November garment #2

Oh, the trouser pattern and garment are done for pattern drafting class (actually,  I sewed two pairs of wool trousers this week using that pattern) and submitted for soon!  
(my sleeves are equal length, don't worry!)


  1. Love the dress! Really pretty.

  2. Lovely combo. You're right, those colours are so perfect for autumn. I've been tempted by this pattern too. I'd love a wrap dress in silk jersery.....

  3. Looks very comfy and is flattering on you! Love a good wrap dress - I have a wool knit black one that works for so many occasions.

  4. Very cute and perfect on you. I really like the wideband neckline!

  5. very pretty. great look on you.

  6. This is very beautiful on you and lovely colors!

  7. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Oh! I like this one. If the pattern from the Famous Frocks LBD book doesn't work out, I'll have to check out this one!

  8. Wow, well done. Foreign language sewing with no diagrams sounds daunting!
    It's a great dress and you look smashing in it.

  9. I love wrap dresses and this one looks great!

  10. I love wrap dresses. This is a great print. I'm pretty tentative with knits still, but the more I see beautiful dresses like this, the more I'm inspired to dive in.

  11. That is uber cute!