Sunday, March 01, 2015

Granville shirt in Liberty lawn

I'm pleased to say that I have now, officially, sewn a garment with Liberty lawn! Woohoo!  The price has deterred me for my previous multiple decades of sewing, but a tried-and-true pattern +  20% off at Britex = it was finally time.
I have to say, I surprised myself picking this print.  I had a bunch of Liberty bolts pulled at my last visit to Britex, but I was making the decision mid-February, and I guess I just wanted the most spring-like print in the place. The other selections just felt a little dark or "feed-sack-y", as Geana put it. This strawberry flower print is fun, and such a throwback to my 80s childhood.  
From my original Granville, I made a few slight changes: raised the "petite adjustment" line to above the waistline, shorted the sleeves, and graded in from 4 at the waist --> 0 at the hips .  In terms of construction, I sewed the collar more like Peter's instructions, which works better for me.  And I still don't love the instructions for the sleeve vents, but I made it work for this time around.
The fit is great.  I love sewing up a garment and being able to do some fancier seam finishes without worrying if I'm going to have to take the sides in or redo the sleeves once I try it on.  I may need to make some minor pattern tweaks to the collar; on me, it doesn't lay perfectly in the front, but overall, I like the fit for this style.
For this version, I used French seams for all but the back princess lines (and I'm seriously kicking myself about those!), including the armholes using Jen's great tutorial.   Which was actually not difficult at all, with a switch in the construction order: I set the sleeves (using French seams) before sewing the sleeve and side seams in one long go.
Again, I love the slightly fitted shape of this top, and it really works to tuck into pants.  I'm not really a shirt-tucker, but I could definitely pull it off with this blouse pattern.

I've had a bit of a slow start to the sewing year (which is in no way a reflection of the number of lengths of fabric I have that are begging to be sewn!).  I'm teaching and taking a class (Fashion Illustration), but I've sewn less than when I've had crazy teaching/class schedules.  It'll pick up, I'm sure :)
Resewlution 2015: March garment #1 (though I did the vast majority of the work in February...)


  1. The fabric costs a lot, but a shirt from Liberty itself made in their fabric costs nearly £100, so yours is quite a bargain!

  2. And your shirt is lovely

  3. Ooh, I love how this turned out! And I love the slightly fitted lines of the Granville...very flattering!

  4. I squealed when I saw this. I have Granville on the brain because I just finished mine yesterday and this is my favorite Liberty print ever! As always, excellent shirt! Once you buy Liberty fabric it's easy to get a little addicted.

  5. Very cute shirt!!! Great Job

  6. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Your Granville is GORGEOUS! This was a great way to feature your precious Liberty fabric. I've never sewn with Liberty. I know that it's revered, but I haven't found any I can't live without. At least not yet. :-D

  7. that is a perfect shirt. Nothing more to say.

  8. wow ! it is very good looking shirt.