I've been sewing since I could hold a needle (about 30 years now...yikes!) and might have been the only undergrad at my college with a sewing machine in her dorm room.  On a whim a few years ago, I enrolled in a pattern making class at West Valley College.  I just loved it, and after three years of taking classes part-time, I graduated in Spring 2017 with an A.S. degree in Apparel Production!  

In my professional life, I teach biology and biotechnology at a local community college.   And in whatever free time I have left, I like to cycle (follow me on Strava!)

When I started this blog, I was a couple of months into my year-long maternity leave (hence the name, "Nicole at Home").  I've since returned to work, so my time spent at home is more limited, but now I have a work-appropriate wardrobe to create!

This is my sewing space/ guest bedroom/ office.  I work on the following sewing machines:

I'd love to hear from you, so feel free to email me at: nicole [at] nicoleathome [dot] com