Monday, April 18, 2011

Big butt baby pants

As I knew would happen, finding pants that fit over Little Man's big, cloth-diapered butt is a challenge. I can only take so many pairs of baby leggings! In my zeal of nesting before the baby arrived, I made a couple of pairs of "Big Butt Baby Pants" from Made By Rae, but the baby never wore either--just too small in the waist. Last week, I used fabric from my stash to make two more pairs, adding elastic at the ankles so the little crawler could do his thing. My husband made a comment about bringing back MC Hammer pants, but I don't care; I think they're cute!

(The khaki fabric came from JoAnn's a while ago, and the green striped fabric is "Welcome Road" from the Nicey Jane collection by Heather Bailey. By the way, how much do I adore her laminated cottons? Too much.)

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