Sunday, August 07, 2011

Small projects

We just purchased our first home, our own (very tiny) piece of Silicon Valley.  When we purchased it, we knew we wanted to remodel the kitchen.  But having never done a remodel before, we couldn't even imagine the amount of time, research and money such an extensive project would entail.  And we haven't even closed on the house yet!  Anyhow, as a result, my evenings in my sewing room have been (and will likely continue to be) seriously limited. 

This clearly isn't a sewing project, but I thought I would share a "cute-ification" of a store-bought, hand-me-down outfit for my littlest one.  This simple, green romper (yep, more rompers!) definitely needed a little something.  Several years ago, I drew some very simple crayon drawings and scanned them to make digital files.  I then printed them on special iron-transfer paper, and Voila! 

(Note: if you are going to do this yourself, be sure to trim the image closely before ironing it on.  I had way too much space around the carrot and you can see it in the after image, above.) 

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