Thursday, May 31, 2012

Skirt week!

As if I need another reason to sew (under pressure, no less), Skirt Week is going on right now!  Clearly, I couldn't resist!  I love skirts and have a job where they are perfectly appropriate, so I get plenty of use out of any that I sew up.

I had purchased several different fabrics for this challenge, but settled on a lightweight linen I had in my stash because I really, really wanted to add some fun appliques.  I drafted the skirt from my measurements (thanks Whipstitch!), so no store-bought patterns were harmed in the making of this skirt :)
I love piping (really, who doesn't?), so I worked it into the design of the waistband and tiny coin pocket.  I considered adding it to the hem as well, but went with another plan (get to that later).
The coin pocket is functional!  I don't think it's sewn as elegantly as possible, since a quick search didn't pull up any tutorials (though I might have to write one now, with all my hard-earned knowledge), but it works.  While the pocket is big enough for a chapstick, I could probably get away with putting exactly a penny in there, since the skirt is a smidge on the snug side!

For me, having a lined skirt makes a world of difference.  They feel more complete, more substantial.  This one is fully lined with some kind of cotton blend I had in my stash.  I hand sewed the lining at the waistband.
For the hem, I took decided to try out an idea I had been mulling for a while.  While shortening the arms on one of my husband's dress coats, I realized that the lining is sewn in such a way to create the hem, but turning the outside fabric inward.  For this skirt, I made the lining using the same pattern as the skirt.  Before sewing the lining to the waistband, I cut about 1 inch off the bottom of the lining.  Then, with right sides together, I sewed the lining to the linen fabric and pressed the seam flat.   The lining was then pinned to the waistband, matching edges, creating a balloon-skirt effect at the bottom.  With some sharp shakes, the lining and linen worked themselves out a bit, and with additional smoothing and fanagling (and copious ironing!), the hem was done!
For the applique circles, I traced a ribbon spool, then hand cut and machine appliqued in place.  The fabric is some kind of silk/cotton upholstery fabric that I scored at the FabMo fabric giveaway here in Mountain View.   The circles continue on the back, too!


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  2. So cute.. Love the little pocket.