Friday, June 15, 2012

Sewing Buddy project #1

For the first time, I've signed up for Whipstitch's Sewing Buddy Project and I've been paired up with the lovely Jennie, of Porch Swing Quilts.  A few months ago, we were assigned our first mission of the year:  to create a boy/ girl project, using coordinating fabrics in any sewn format that we chose.     My buddy and I settled on "adventure bags" for our daughter and son, respectively.

The fabric choice was easy--Michael Miller's Backyard Baby/ Bella Butterfly line had enough bugs to satisfy my nature-boy (who unfortunately lives in Silicon Valley, where visiting "nature" involves predatory parking) and Jennie's nature-girl.  I went with the small messenger bag from Oliver + S's Little Things to Sew and Jennie used the Daisy Girl Backpack pattern.

I love-love-love how my little guy's messenger bag turned out (and would totally not mind using it as a handbag!):

The pattern was fairly straightforward.  I should have used a more home-dec weight fabric, but used a sew-in heavy-duty stabilizer/interfacing I had in my stash.  

The bag is big enough for my boy's cub scout manual, a couple pencils (there are sewn-in slots in the inside pocket), a small notebook and magnifying glass and maybe a bug-holding container or two.  The best part, though, is that he happily uses it!  Here's my little boy, on a scout-related field-trip.  Too cute!
(Please do not Pin photos of my kids--Thanks!)
Using the Daisy Girl pattern, buddy Jennie made up a back-pack style bag for her little lady--it turned out incredible!  Look at those grommets and fabric-covered button!  Beautiful.  

With school officially out for us, the kids are ready for summer adventure!


  1. Nicole, you did a fantastic job. And the second I finished those grommets and snapped pictures, my daughter was off to collect bugs in the backyard. I need to get her a bug catcher!

    Can't wait for the next one - and thanks for doing all the front work on the flickr posts. I owe you one!