Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pedal pushers

What do the kids call short pants these days? :)  I've always wanted a pair of white capris, but with two kids who routinely use the clothing on my lower half as their personal napkin, it's not super practical.  However, with a 40% discount at the fabric store and a tested pattern, it isn't such a big deal if they get ruined (okay, it would be a big deal, but at least I could make them again!)  

The main inspiration for this pattern were these buttons.  Vintage and super cute, they are a coral red with a white ring around.
I had visions of adorable sailor-style pants, but I only had 3 buttons. Instead, I settled on a side button style using the previous pant pattern (here and here) for the pieces, changing it up a bunch.  First, the front zip fly was omitted entirely--just seamed up the front.  I added an underlap for the buttons and changed the 4-piece waistband to be just 2 pieces, with the opening on the side.  I also narrowed the width of the legs to make them more close fitting.
The fabric is doesn't-stretch-in-the-least denim, and it behaved way differently than the stretch cotton I'd used before for this pattern. So, despite having thoroughly modified the fit originally, I had to do some additional alterations, particularly in the waist area.  Maybe stay stitching would have helped, but I'm lazy and usually skip this step :)
The final product fits well, but I definitely prefer the comfort of stretch fabric.  Sheesh, am I on the road to fully elasticized-waist poly pants?
I love the white for the summer and making your own well-fitting pants is so liberating!  


  1. I love white capris too. I say .. enjoy your white capris.. when you get those sweet little 'dirty' hand prints all over them.. Just know what love is shared with you.ha
    Know you will love them...

    1. ps . forgot to add.... In our day , we called them pedal pushers [whick my grandkids laugh about,ha]..But today I still call them capris.. Wonder what they will be next? lol

    2. I've already found some spots on them, after one wearing! I think white is completely irresistible to little paws!

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    1. Thanks! I'm pretty much in love with them too :)