Thursday, August 29, 2013

Slow start to the Jedediah

With a new teaching quarter to prepare for, I have slowed down a bit, but despite the inactivity on my blog, I actually have been sewing!  Some of my work has been boring (wet bags) or housekeeping (hemming), but I do have an big project as well: the new Jedediah pants pattern (Thread Theory) has been on my work table for a few weeks now.
Had to move to the dining room floor for this operation!
This time around, printing the file at the print shop was a serious cost ($19!) because the file was a few inches too wide to print on a single 36" wide sheet.   So as not to destroy my expensive paper pattern, I copied it onto Swedish tracing paper and then made up a muslin.  All that takes time, and isn't very exciting, I'm afraid.
Muslin version of Jedediah pants
The muslin version looks like hospital pants (if hospital pants had an actual waistband and fly), but they did their job and now I have a better idea of how to improve the pattern to fit my guy.  Some changes to make:
  • decrease the waist (maybe by creating a two-part, slightly contoured band instead of a single, straight one) 
  • increase the hip area a bit
  • increase the width of the legs   
  • adjust the slash pockets so they lay more flatly against the body
My husband and I have been laughing at the "easy-access" ring tab zipper and really exciting fly shield that I worked into this muslin.  I'm *so* tempted to use that fabric for the fly on the the final one sees that, right? :)
Fancy fly shield and zipper pull
For the real deal, I purchased some amazing fabric from Hart's a few weeks back.  It's charcoal gray cotton/ hemp blend in a ripstop weave.   I'm excited to see the final product!
Top: organic voile (pocketing) Bottom: organic cotton/hemp ripstop
With the fit issues I've encountered, I find my feet dragging a bit, but I'm trying to persevere!


  1. Oooh, love the final fabrics. I say go for the print on the fly shield. I'm trying to incorporate different fabrics on facings, just for fun.

    1. Thank you! I love fun hidden fabrics, too, so I might do it without asking the hubby's opinion :)

  2. You're still ahead of me, Nicole! I was all set to go and then my first grandchild decided to make his appearance a week early! Needless to say, I've been a bit back to the real world and Jedediah! Good job on the fly--that's the part I'm a bit nervous about. Can't wait to see your finished product.

    1. Well, congratulations on the new grandbaby--that's way more fun than sewing pants anyhow!

  3. Oh please make a paisley fly! (Great name for a band--Paisley Fly.) Anyway, the texture on your fabric looks really interesting. Your post reminds me that so little of actual sewing time is spent at the machine. Don't worry about your pace, just enjoy the journey!

    1. I'm still dragging my feet...I know it will get done eventually, but I wish I could just skip over the fitting part :) Thanks for your kind words, though, Mary!

  4. Maybe I'm a year or two too late, but did you end up making these pants? I would be especially curious how you fixed the problem of the slash pockets not fitting properly, since I'm dealing with exactly that problem now.