Saturday, January 24, 2015

Granville Shirt by Sewaholic

Collared, cuffed, button down shirts.  They are a little bit outside my wardrobe comfort zone, to be honest.  They feel a bit masculine to me, and I like pretty.  But, I know I should own some, so I was pleased that Sewaholic released a version with some details I could appreciate: the Granville.

My main beef with button down shirts?  Not enough waist definition.  This pattern style solves that problem with princess seams in the back and significant waist shaping at the side seams.  Enough that I could easily (and very flatteringly) tuck it into pants without looking like a balloon on top.
The sleeve width is narrow and flattering, with no gathers at the wrist.  I know that seems like an insignificant thing, but no extra fabric at the wrist makes for a much more attractive garment, in my opinion :)
I sewed a straight size 2, with some petite alterations.  However, for my next version, I'll shorten the length above the waist, instead of where indicated on the pattern (below the waistline). I also shortened the sleeves by about 2" (which was perhaps 1/2" too much).  I made the initial shortening before cutting out the fabric, but realized they needed additional reduction after sewing on the cuffs. Thankfully, I had enough fabric to recut the cuffs.  This shortened the sleeve placket, but I think it looks just fine.  In the next iteration, I may also reduce the hip flare a bit.
I really like this pattern.  A lot.  Some alterations for a personal fit and construction directions aside (next time, I'll construct the sleeve placket and collar differently than instructed), I am most definitely planning a second.  And next time, I'm really going for it with Liberty cotton, if that gives you an indication of how highly I consider the quality of the pattern :)  Several of the Glenjade colorways would be lovely.
Oh, speaking of fabric!  This is Marc Jacobs shirting from Mood Fabrics (no longer available).  It's light and pretty and the print is a little retro.  I bought it to make an unspecified top a while ago, but since it was pretty inexpensive ($15 for 1.5 yards), I used for this wearable muslin here.  Which reminds me--I made the top (with a second set of cuffs) in 1.5 yards, so that's good to know when I'm shelling out the big $/yard.  
Here's how I wore it, with a bright orange sweater (from Anthro, a few years ago), cuffed-up jeans and maryjanes.  And here is where I start to see the utility of collared, cuffed and button down shirts!
Resewlution 2015, January garment #2


  1. Anonymous2:01 AM

    Looks great and a good recommendation for a new pattern. Thanks!

  2. Ooh this looks so good! And I can't believe you made it with just 1.5 yards of fabric!

  3. i'm pretty excited about this pattern myself! that looks so great, and i can't wait to see your liberty version ;)

  4. OH, pretty! I think the fit is perfect, including the sleeve length! And you've showcased my favourite way to wear a classic tailored shirt...with a sweet cardie on top!

  5. super cute, great fabric and perfect with that jacket and jeans.

  6. looks great on you! you should definitely make more.

  7. Perfect shirt. I agree, make more!

  8. Very cute! It will be great in a Liberty print.

  9. Anonymous7:01 AM

    You did a great job, and it is pretty darned cute. Love the fabric, too.

  10. Kellie11:27 AM

    Gorgeous version of the Granville, and OMG I love that cardigan! Perfect colour, shape and details. I'm off to Ravelry to see if I can find a clone :)