Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Even more obsessed with diaper covers!

It's been diaper cover-making central around here, spurred on by the fact that Oliver moved up to the next size cloth diaper and his old covers don't fit anymore. I've found a great source for patterns (, Diaper Covers Deluxe), but am still having trouble getting everything I need (no-pill 3/4" fold over elastic, 1" Aplix, and printed PUL) all at the same store. This adorable giraffe printed PUL came from Kids in the Garden.

Our diaper service offers compostable disposable diapers, which we use at night. But they also have these interesting compostable liners, which are like a regular diaper with the wings cut off. The attach to the inside of a waterproof cover with sticky tabs. Since I didn't want the laminated side of the PUL against the baby's skin, I made a special cover lined in flannel. Clearly, these won't work for regular cloth diapering, but it's great for the GroVia soakers.

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