Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Silk undies as a form of procrastination

It's true: receiving a bunch of underwear fabric in the mail makes it really difficult to focus on the things I'm supposed to be doing.  Just seeing all that beautiful silk and stretch lace....knowing that a pair of underwear will take 30-45 minutes...well, clearly I had to make two pairs.

Stretch silk in salmon (Mood)
Stretch lace (Mood)

Stretch silk in peach (Mood)
Stretch lace (Mood)
For the pattern, I used the Betty High Waist Panties by Ohhh Lulu, but trimmed down about 3 inches for a "boy short" size.
Next time, I'll have to wait to order new fabric until I'm done with all my "chores".  


  1. Those are SO pretty! I love your fabric combos, too - well done. I need to peek over your shoulder when you order your goodies - choosing fabrics is the biggest challenge for me. I know what I'm looking for, but am not well versed enough to know exactly what things are called, what weight to get, etc. I need a 'materials' class :)

    1. It is tricky! I did go into a higher end fabric store to see how things stretch and feel (particularly the lace), but it's typically not very expensive, so sometimes it's worth just buying a little. Good luck!

  2. They're super pretty! Nice work!

  3. ooh pretty! I can see why you got distracted.