Friday, July 25, 2014

Cropped Myrtle dress and pattern review

I guess it's a little silly since I just drafted and released my own (free!) cowl-neck pattern, but I just had to buy Colette's newest release, the Myrtle dress.  It was like a black hole, just pulling me in: I couldn't resist!  I love a casual dress, and this pattern looked like it would be pretty versatile. And it is!
In a mad effort to use up stash fabrics, I pulled out this very stretchy knit (purchased online at Michael Levine a while ago) and started cutting before I realized I wouldn't have enough for a dress.  Such a rookie mistake!  No matter, an abbreviated version (aka, peplum top) works well, too!  
This was my wearable muslin, so I cut according to my measurements on the sizing chart and went with XS.  Overall, the top was a bit big in the shoulders and chest, and especially in the deepness of the cowl. With the slightest waist bend, you can see down to my belly button.  So not a good thing!
The back was also wider than I normally like, which makes the top a bit shifty.  However, it's probably because instead of folding and stitching the back neck and armholes, I used self fabric binding on the edges, which increased the overall width.
I made my usual petite adjustment in the bodice (reduce by about 1"), which was needed.  The length is good, but the armholes were a little deep for me, too.
Okay, that's a lot of sizing complaints, but that's why I do muslins!  For my next version (already sewn!), I altered the pattern to fix all my fit issues.  Overall, the pattern is great--I love the construction of the top and the wide elastic waistband.  I've made it in this slinky/stretchy knit and a stretch silk, and both are lovely and comfortable.  Definitely a pattern that can be dressed up or down with fabric choice (and accessories).   Stay tuned for version 2!

Resewlution 2014: July garment #2


  1. I'm hoping you're going to show how to reduce the depth of the cowl neck. I tried to figure it out and got stuck!

    1. I can definitely do that! I'll try to post it in the next few days :)

  2. Looks great! I love it as a top... I may have to copy you ;-)