Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Blue ribbon dress

No, no awards were won for this dress--hope I didn't misrepresent myself there!  However, the fabric (Anna Maria Horner's Flower Circuit in linen) is what I bought with a gift certificate as part of the prize for my winning skirt from Skirt Week 2013! That counts for something, right?  Mostly the print just reminds me of fair ribbons...you see it, too, yes?   I've had this fabric ear-marked for this dress from the start, so it's a shame that it's been about a year sitting in my stash.  The linen is a bit scratchy, but I wore it for the afternoon and it wasn't awful.  The things we do for fashion!
This is my fourth (first, second, and third) versions of the simple and flattering, yet unfortunately out-of-print Vogue V7871.  I altered the pattern as I always do by adding pockets (on seam, using the sweet Jay-Cyn Dottie print quilting cotton):
I also changed the neckline just a bit; instead of a more boat-neck shape, I lowered it to a slight scoop neck. It wasn't as dramatic of a change as I had hoped, but after 4 versions, I wanted something a little different!
I made an effort to match the giant pattern, and it was a failure almost all around.  I've been distracted lately by kids at home and other more major things going on, so my best efforts were not as good as I'd like.  Oh well!  Here's a view of the serious un-matching in the back (along with the wrinkles from sitting through dinner in a linen dress):
For the construction, I used a serger to finish most edges and cut the facing with the dotted cotton with bias binding.  You can see on one of the pockets that I cut into the selvage--why not use those extra fractions of an inch? :)  I also bias-bound the cap sleeves on the inside.  It makes for such a clean finish.

I didn't try on the dress until the very end, to determine the hem length and it fit just right.  I love tried-and-true patterns!  
Resewlution 2014, July garment #1


  1. In getting to know you better Nicole, I'd say this is very You! It's lovely, and honestly...it wasn't until you were writing about print matching, or lack thereof, that I even noticed the front was multiple pattern pieces! So well done! I hope summer gets an easier groove for you soon!

    1. I think your assessment is right, Sue! I do find myself drawn to bright, loud prints (my husband sometimes has to bring me back to reality :), because it's just so much more fun. (That's why I appreciate your style so much!)

  2. And it wasn't until Sue just pointed it out that I saw the front was multiple pieces! Forget about the back, you did good at the front!!
    I love the shape of this dress. I think I'd wear that pattern very happily.