Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Two fit + flare dresses

Again, I couldn't help but make two of the same pattern!  This time the pattern is the Bronx dress from SBCC, with some fit alterations (armhole redo, back width increase, sleeve redraft).  As I'm sure I've mentioned on this blog before, I just love the fit and flare shape.  What I especially love about this dress, though, is that I can sew it in way less than 2 hours, from cutting the fabric to hemming.  Plus, it only takes like 1.5 yards of fabric, so it's kind of a stash-buster, too.
I made this wallpaper floral knit dress first, just because I adore the fabric. It might be a little bold for Paris, but I like bright colors and patterns, so I guess I'll just stick out.  Plus, the poppies will remind me of California when I'm homesick.

Looks like I could use a it of a sway back adjustment, too, but I don't see back there too often :)
Simple and comfy, yet a bit dressy.  My kind of travel outfit.
So the second dress came about because I got my schedule for school in Paris.  The first three official days are going to be spent working Paris Fashion Week!  Backstage, we'll be assisting the models into their haute couture garments.  Holy crap, guys, I will be able to touch and see the insides of haute couture dresses!
But the catch is that we have to wear black.  For three days.  Clearly I don't really *do* black clothing (my dark neutral is navy, obviously).  In fact I've only made two black garments (I believe, though my memory is pretty crap): this black skirt, which I made for a funeral, and a pair of black pants that wasn't properly blogged about and no longer exist in my wardrobe.
Of course, I immediately ran out to buy a few yards of black stretch knit and whipped up another Bronx dress.   With the leftovers, I made a simple black tee to go with some RTW black pants I already owned (to be blogged about shortly).  Two outfits is going to have to be good enough for three days....hopefully no one notices.

A black dress is definitely a useful staple item in a wardrobe, and perhaps more appropriate for Paris, so I'm really pleased with the addition.  Plus, I can make it more colorful with accessories!  I'm in NY now visiting family, but a little over a week until I make my flight to France!


  1. Anonymous4:17 AM

    I was in Paris for two weeks in May and saw French women wearing anything you could imagine. They would more likely wear a solid navy cardigan or scarf with your bright dress, but their trick is that, whatever they are wearing, they OWN it. They look supremely self confident, strutting down the street with their heads held high.

    Congratulations on your great opportunity!

  2. very cute - love that print fabric. Have a great trip in Paris. can't wait to hear all about it.

  3. Love both your dresses - I'm actually quite a black fabric fan (just finishing my second Dove in black silk) - you CAN do so much with black - scarves, jewelry, shoes and hats can all spark it up without needing to worry about matching :)

  4. You can definitely get away with two black outfits in three days! Especially when everyone else is distracted by haute couture :) Have a lovely time!

  5. Woah, Nicole! I hadn't read your blog in awhile, so I was surprised to see your mention of Paris this summer and I went back a couple posts. Congrats! Congrats on graduating and on spending a month in Paris this summer! That's going to be amazing!

  6. Nice post. I seem to see 2 diffenrent people in 2 dresses. It helps me understand how to mix clothes well. Thank for sharing!

  7. very cute - love that print fabric.