Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Undocumented Garments of 2015

I don't need to review my year to recognize that I didn't blog a lot this year!   I sewed a lot less and had a lot less time to take photos and write posts, just in general.  But I sewed more than I reported, so instead of reviewing my "hits and misses" of 2015, I decided to post a photo or two of each garment I didn't blog about when I made it.  I just spent an hour digging through my wardrobe and photographing them all.  So, ladies and gentlemen, here are my Undocumented Garments of 2015.

Blouse and pants (made in June, worn to my birthday dinner at Quince in SF)

Blouse pattern: Myrtle, cropped by Colette Patterns
Blouse fabric: Britex Fabrics (not available online)
Pant pattern: self drafted
Pants fabric: Mood Fabrics (no longer available)

Summer top (made in July, first worn during our vacation in upstate NY)
Blouse pattern: self drafted
Blouse fabric: Britex Fabrics (no longer available)

Spotty blouse (made in August, first worn to my son's birthday party)
Blouse pattern: Alma blouse (with sleeve alteration) by Sewaholic
Blouse fabric: purchased in person at Hart's Fabric

Chambray shirt-dress (made in October, first worn to travel back to NY for my 20 year high school reunion!)

Dress pattern: elongated Granville button down, by Sewaholic
Dress fabric: Harts Fabric

Flannel PJ bottoms (made in October, I think)
Pants pattern: self drafted
Pants fabric: Harts Fabric (no longer available)

Funnel-neck dress (made in the fall sometime--maybe November?)

Dress pattern: vintage McCalls 2506
Dress fabric: Mood Fabrics

Lace-front top (made in December, to look "fancy" while spending way too much time outside on the playground with the kids)
Top pattern: Linden top, by Grainline
Top fabric: Mood fabrics (French terry and lace)

Silk peplum blouse (made in Nov/Dec as a muslin)
Blouse pattern: self drafted
Blouse fabric: vintage silk, purchased on Etsy

I didn't just sew garments that weren't documented!  Here are two Christmas gifts:

Jewelry roll (made in December, for my mother)

Roll pattern: Modkid 
Roll fabric: Tweed from FabMo, with some scraps from my stash

Waxed canvas shaving bag (made in December, for my husband)
Bag pattern: adapted from Thread Theory tutorial
Bag fabric and notions: Thread Theory kit

In 2016, I've already sewn a few garments.  I'll try to post photos before 2017 :)  Happy New(ish) Year!


  1. Abbey Sews6:23 PM

    Hi, I love the July top. Very nice design idea. Abbey Sews

    1. Thank you! It was inspired by a RTW top, and it still needs some tweaking, but I enjoy wearing it!

  2. Wow, there's lots of beautiful makes here, each of which certainly deserves more info (and pictures) 😊
    I love that funnel neck dress especially

    1. That dress is actually really comfy! It's a thick, textured knit fabric and the pattern has some thoughtful details (like back neck darts and elbow darts!). Was a bit of a pain to fit, though!

  3. All nice. Sky son Greg works at Quince. Hope you had a great meal for your birthday!

    1. We absolutely LOVED our meal at Quince. What does Greg do there?

  4. All nice. Sky son Greg works at Quince. Hope you had a great meal for your birthday!

    1. I thought I had responded to this! We had the BEST meal at Quince. Seriously, we both felt like it was more interesting, inventive, and tasty than even the French Laundry (tell Greg that--he'll be happy!) We'll be going back!

  5. Your self drafted top is absolutely gorgeous! And I love the funnel neck dress!!

    1. Thank you! I'm really pleased with the funnel neck dress, too! It's surprisingly comfortable!

  6. You and me both, sista. I sewed a lot less and what I did sew didn't make it to the blog nearly as often. But honestly, i do want to see more of that funnel neck dress! Love it all but especially that.

    1. Oh man, I may have to do a full post on that one. It certainly deserves it! I've been loving vintage patterns, and this one has all my favorite things (elbow darts! back neck darts!).

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