Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summertime shorts

I'm STILL not on vacation (t-minus 20 hours or so), but at some point it will be summer break for me, since thankfully, it's kind of inevitable.  I'm done with pencil skirts and wool pants for a while; on to summer attire!  So, shorts.  I'm so not a fan of shorts (still not after making these, truthfully), but they are practical and all that.  
Not wanting to spend actual money on a pattern, I located the *free* "Pleasant Pathways Shorts" pattern by Anna Maria Horner.  With only super minor tweaking (crotch curve and lengthening the legs a tad), this pattern worked remarkably well!  I like the clean styling of the faced waistband, side invisible zip and hem facings.  Good blank canvas for some fun fabric.
I added some back welt pockets (referencing my own pattern/ tutorial, which I had to look at to remember :)).  The super crazy print makes them hard to see, but there are two on the back.
Speaking of the fabric, this was a purchase I couldn't resist.  I got this during a big sale at a local store, and it's vintage Hawaiian cotton barkcloth!  Perfect for summer wear and I have enough left over for a skirt of some type, too.  Is it crazy to consider a pencil skirt?
Worn with a different top for a more summery look:

Invisible side zip
This was actually the second pair I made--the first was from an equally loud print, home dec fabric leftovers from making pillows.  My son actually commented that I looked like the office pillows :)  
A few more sleeps until our east coast adventure, with a lot to do before we leave.  Wish more time could be spent sewing my summer wardrobe!  Time to pack what I have!

 2015 Resewlution, June garment #3+4 (still have pants and two blouses yet unblogged!  Eek!)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Two bathing suits, but only one winner

It's been two years since I made my last two bathing suits (here and here).  I love them, but much like underwear, bathing suit sewing is addictive, so when I spotted this fabric, I had to make another.  

For my first attempt, I found the Abigail swimsuit pattern by Ohhh Lulu.  I'm a huge fan of their undergarment patterns, so I was excited to see a bathing suit available on their website.
I made one version (too tight!) and while this, my second try, felt like it fit better, it doesn't look very flattering.  The style calls for the back to dip a bit, with a strap across the back.

My back flub was bulging a bit more than I would like (and these two are the very best photos--my ego couldn't handle posting the mediocre and bad ones), and the butt wasn't quite as full-coverage as I would like, despite some pattern tweaking.   At the end of the day, while a super adorable style and good drafting/ instructions, the Abigail suit just isn't the style for me.   
Back to my TnT 1970s swim suit pattern (McCalls 5036, which, if you can get your hands on it, you should buy.  The construction is super clean and there are so many options!) Thankfully, I had enough fabric to make a 3rd suit, with addition of a bit of a black and white diamond print for the bodice.
Super full butt coverage and less visible back rolls!  Hurray!  This pattern has a center back seam, which was a pain to match up, pattern-wise.  But, it's super functional fit-wise.

I just love the little cut out under the bodice (and, I saw the same feature on this suit at Anthro!  Mine has better butt coverage, that's for sure!).   I used a 1/2" clear swimsuit hook at the back neck instead of ties for a cleaner look.  
We aren't discussing the pattern placement :)  
My class isn't finished for another week, but then I step (or rather, fly) directly into vacation, so I'm ready for some beach action!  

2015 Resewlution, June garment #1+2 (not counting a pair of pants and shorts I have yet to post)