Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Overrun by Olallieberries, in a good way

Jars of jelly and jam, in my beautiful new jars!
Olallieberry ice cream
This past weekend, we made the trip back to Swanton Berry Farm in Davenport to pick olallieberries.  We went a little wild, picking over 12 pounds (and at $4 a lb!), and it was quite a task to dispatch all those berries before they went bad.
I made a batch of jam, ice cream (with raw eggs, so I'm the only one eating it), and a special batch of jelly for my husband.  Eight more cups of crushed berries are in the freezer, with plans for a second batch of jam and olallieberry sorbet.
Jam making, in progress
Of all the ways to consume an olallieberry, I have to say my favorite is taken from a page of "The Boxcar Children": just simple fresh berries, with cream (and a sprinkle of sugar).  I must have eaten three bowls of that on the first day!
Simple berries with cream and sugar.  Yum!

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