Sunday, July 24, 2011

Romper, part 2

I finally got around to making another romper!  This one fits considerably better, having taken the sides in a little and increased the length.  After reading a blog post about using a flatlock (or ladder) stitch, I used my serger to decoratively apply the rib knit along the edges.

I love how it looks, but it seems to be unraveling a bit along the neckline.  I think I have to be more careful with my ends and use a crochet hook to run them along the inside of the seam instead of cutting them!  Sergers are a whole different animal from regular machines.

We've been having unusually cool weather this summer in Northern California, so I think I might make a one piece with short sleeves and long legs next--I have a cute owl print knit in my stash, waiting to be used.

Is anyone interested in the shortie romper pattern for size (about) 9-12 months?  I'll post it for free download if you leave a comment!

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  1. sure! Hope it's not too late to comment! very cute.