Thursday, September 27, 2012

Miscellaneous sewing

So I started back to teaching this week, very part-time, but working nonetheless.  Sewing (as well as many other things) gets shifted into low(er) gear this time of year.   Which is hard, since I have so many projects on my to-do list!  Now, we're into the must-dos on the list...

First up: a door stop.  We can keep our windows open much of the Fall, but a gust of wind can slam my sewing door shut suddenly, and obviously this only happens during nap or bed-time.  I've used the adorable pattern for the door stop from Lotta Jansdotter's book Simple Sewing several times before, so I pulled out the tried-and-true pattern to construct a new version to match the color scheme in the sewing/ spare bedroom.  I scaled the pattern by 50% (I think), so it's a bit more petite, but holding over a pound of beans it can still do the job.
Next up: diaper covers.  One can never have too many, and they don't last forever, so a new batch was sorely needed.  I can optimize my sewing time if I make a bunch, so I sewed up 4 all at once.  I love the look of all of the gussets sewn in a row, while attaching the FOE...looks like a birthday bunting.
Four diaper covers in process:
Four diaper covers all finished.
So I do have a baby boy, but that polka dotted cover on the bottom right is just so darn cute...any one have objections to girly covers on little boys?  I can always put it on my Etsy shop (don't worry, we haven't used it yet!).  Post a response if you'd like to buy it, and up it will go...otherwise, the next time we're desperate, I'll pull it out of the closet.
With the remainder of the red and blue robot PUL, I made a new waterproof bag for the daycare.  It's kind of like matching your shoes and handbag, right? :)
I'm happy to be back to work, exercising my brain and body (I'm riding my bicycle to work--about 13 miles round trip!), but it'll take a little more effort to find time to sew.  Make it work, right?

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