Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Trip to Britex and fall fabrics

San Francisco is a scant 40 or so miles away from my house, yet the thought of driving into the "big city" is completely daunting to me.  This makes not a bit of sense since I have taken public transit (with children) all around Tokyo and London, and just spent two weeks driving myself and the kids around Switzerland (where I can't even read the street signs).  Yet something about driving in SF makes me nervous.  Luckily for me, my husband is on vacation and agreed to go with me (read: act as my chauffeur and lunch date) to the city today so I could make a pilgrimage to the fabric and notion heaven that is Britex.
Since photos are prohibited inside the store, you'll just have to take my word that the store is incredible. Four floors, three of which are floor to ceiling fabric (the fourth devoted to notions and ribbons).  After enduring Joann's for so long, the selection of apparel fabric is truly staggering.  I spent a short 2 hours there and came out with these:
  • geometric turquoise and brown cotton knit for a top (and to continue practicing my knit sewing)
  • brown wool, with coordinating brown Bemberg lining for a yet-to-be defined work skirt
  • charcoal wool, with deep red Bemberg lining for a sleeveless work dress
  • yellow and red flower print on brown cotton shirting for a sleeveless peplum top
  • peach, red and white floral silk/lycra (my splurge of the day at $59/yard!) for a variation on this top (hopefully, I have enough fabric)
My husband joked that it must stink to go shopping, spend all that money, and not be able to wear anything when you get home.  I reminded him that since it was fairly expensive fabric, I can't even just sew the item--I have to make an unwearable muslin of the item before I can even make the real deal.  Why do we do this again? :)

With the next Sewing Buddy Challenge deadline coming up (Eek! Don't worry, buddy, my fabric is (mostly) purchased and washed!), and so many beautiful pieces of fabric sitting on my desk, I've got some work to do!

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