Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Vogue pattern: V8755

School has started for the kids, the weekly dinner menu has moved toward longer-cooking and baked meals, and I found myself buying tights today.  Even without the crisp air and colorful leaves that I grew up with, Fall has most definitely arrived in the Bay Area.  My own teaching quarter starts next week and I always get myself something new to wear on the first day of school (the kids can't have all the fun!).  I'm not sure I'll wear it on the first day (chances are, it will be in the mid-70s, and a little warm for this heavy dress and tights), but with my new snazzy dress, I'm ready for when that first chilly day arrives!

The pattern is Vogue V8755 with heavy charcoal cotton fabric.  It truly has the heft and appearance of wool, but I'll trust that Britex knows their fiber content! The lining is burgundy Bemberg, which is truly a fabulous, incredible lining fabric.  I followed the pattern instructions pretty closely, but I omitted my usual petite adjustment in the bodice, because I didn't want the maternity effect of an empire waist and belly pleat.  After constructing the shell, the belly pleat was really awkward looking (I think my fabric was a bit too heavy for the design, actually), so I sewed along the pleat lines to make it much more streamlined and architectural looking--I love it!
The back has shaping darts along the shoulders and waist, and an invisible zipper.  I had to make some additional fit adjustments to make the dress more fitted in the bodice and it honestly fits better than the photo shows.  I think I was standing more upright than normal for the photo.  And it needs more ironing.  :)
Other changes to the pattern included adding on-seam pockets (all dresses should be designed with pockets!) and extending the lining to full-length (from just a bodice lining).  I used the lining to create the hem, a technique I just love since it makes the garment much more professional-looking.  Here's a glimpse of the inside:
I can't say enough about Bemberg lining fabric.  Like poly, it still frays like crazy and is pretty slippery, but it irons wonderfully, is breathable and feels wonderfully soft against your skin.  
The dress can easily work as jumper, but I'm having some trouble finding a top that can go underneath and still look modern.  Any ideas?
I'm ready for school--I just need my laser pointer and high heels!  Happy early Fall!

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  1. Love your dress.SO pretty .. And the lining side , is just as pretty as the outside.ha
    Enjoy your first day of school..And hope its cool enough for you to wear your new outfit.