Thursday, June 27, 2013

Keeping up with it all

As so many other bloggers have posted, the date of the end of Google Reader is fast approaching.  If you all think it's hard to be losing such a valuable internet resource, imagine being a Spoogler (spouse of a Googler, for those outside of Silicon Valley) and STILL not being able to do anything about Reader's demise.   For days, conversations in our house went something like this,

Me: "Seriously.  Can't you do ANYTHING about this?  You work there for crying out loud!"
Husband: "No.  I don't even work with that team."
Me:  "Well, check the internal groups again to see if there's been a change of mind."
Husband:  "There's no talk of reversing the decision, and they aren't going to."
Me:  "Why would they do this?  WHY??"  {Shaking fists in the air}
Husband: {Shaking head}

In a final act of lameness (that Larry himself will notice, I'm sure), I'll be using Reader until I can no longer do so.  But I know the wheels of change roll on, so I haven't been idle: in searching for a new RSS feed, I've imported my Reader feeds to Feedly, which seems to be what most folks are using in these parts and Bloglovin, which most crafty/sewing bloggers seem to like.  I haven't used either enough to have a major preference, so after July 1, I'll get a better feel.

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  1. I reject both fully. I will be using reader until it no longer works in the hope they'll just forget to turn it off. :) Also, please tell your husband from me, he could have done something if he REALLY tried. I'm disappointed in him. :(

    1. He's heard those words, verbatim, from me, but I told him again to reinforce the message :)

    2. I got all excited when they didn't turn it off yesterday! I tried it again today though and it was gone. GONE! *sob*

    3. Hhaha! I did the exact same thing! Then I was like, Samantha was right; they DID forget to turn it off! Then utter disappointment....