Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Packing for summer vacation

Skirt, check.  Shorts, check.  Dresses, check.  Swimsuit(s), check.  Tops, check (and then some!).   One thing missing from the suitcase: capris pants.  Done and done, with a new tee thrown in for fun!  We're heading across country to visit family, which has been the driving force behind some of my sewing frenzy.  (That, and knowing I won't have the sewing room at my disposal for a few weeks).
For these grey capris, I used a well-loved pattern (used here, here, and highly modified here).  Working with a tested pattern is so nice...just sew and it fits.  I narrowed the legs a bit, and as I've done in the past, added single-welt pockets to the back to break of the vast expanse of fabric in that area (necessary, in my opinion!).
It's funny, in person they don't appear so wrinkly.  This time, I'll blame it on the lighting :)
There was a small amount of the gorgeous mermaid fabric left, so I used it again for the waistband facing and pocket bags.  This cotton is so silky smooth that it's noticeably enjoyable to feel the texture when I put my hands in the pockets.  Okay, that sounds weird.  Anyhow...the bias tape came out again for the waistband and to neaten up the fly (plus, it made using a white zipper from my stash less jarring :)
The slim-ish fit of the capris and neutral color had me scouring through my closet to find tops with which to wear with them...like this one (blogged here), which I wear infrequently due to lack of appropriate bottoms:
But I actually made another Scoop-neck top the same day I finished the pants, for a more casual capris-based outfit.
It's a nice basic tee, good for vacation.  Or cleaning the house (which is what I was doing before snapping these photos).  You know, whatever!
Happy summer, everyone!  The kids will be getting some experience with the phenomenon called "rain".  Poor CA boys!


  1. Your bum looks great in those trousers!!

  2. Anonymous8:05 AM

    These look great on you! Have a wonderful vacation!

  3. Hope you have a nice vacation. Love the capris and tees.. Fit is good..