Friday, June 01, 2012

Romper, rescued

After a couple of pretty intensive sewing projects (this skirt and another one to be revealed shortly), I was feeling a bit burned out.  Sometimes it's nice to just have a quick, simple, no-thought-needed project for a change!  While organizing my fabric bins, I found a romper that my little one had destroyed while playing in the mud.  (Yes, it has been washed.)
I had stashed it away, planning on converting it to a t-shirt.  Even if he hadn't completely ruined the little legs on it, I might have cut it off anyhow to buy a little more time in it once he grew out of the length.  So measuring against another top, I cut off the bottom, pressed and top-stitched with my double-needle.
 If you haven't tried a double-needle, DO IT!  I spent way too much of my sewing life not using one, and it's so much easier and more useful than you could imagine.  The best part is that using a double-needle stitch provides some stretch, so it's perfect for hemming knits.

See, the backside is like a ladder--providing a bit of give, so the knit still stretches. 
Done!  A practical and satisfying project in about 5 minutes.


  1. great idea.. Ruined rompers turned pretty tshirt. I have never used a double needle, but I will try it now..Sounds wonderful..Do you have to buy a special sewing foot for the double needle?
    Happy sewing.

    1. No special foot is needed, just make sure the width of the two needles is smaller than the opening on the foot (otherwise, they'll break on the foot!). You will need two spools of thread (one for each needle) on the top of your machine, but I would suggest just winding some thread on a bobbin, and using that (instead of buying a second spool). If your machine doesn't have a dedicated spot for a second spool on the top of your machine, you can load it on the same rod where your regular spool goes. Best of luck and enjoy!