Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dumplings for Christmas

Other than the tree skirt, I only set out to make aprons for my son's daycare providers for Christmas this year in a conscious effort to reduce holiday stress.  The 2 year old goes to a Japanese immersion small family daycare**, and the teachers wear cute little cobbler-style aprons every day.  Clearly, I had to make one for each of the two main teachers!   So, in preparation, I purchased Japanese import fabric months back and ordered a vintage pattern from overseas.  After a few muslins to try out the pattern and making some alterations, I sewed up the first apron and it just fit oddly (though admittedly, I was trying it on and I'm not the same size as the ladies to whom they will be gifted.)  I loved the fabric so much, though, that with some scraps left over, I scrambled and made some cute little dumplings using this tutorial (and thanks to my Sewing Buddy, Jennie, for pointing me toward it!).  

I have no idea what the fabric says, but I love the classroom scene! (Cosmo Textile, Animal Friends in School)  The two sizes that are provided in the tutorial are cute (the purple-zippered pouch is the larger of the two), but I wanted one a bit bigger, so I eyeballed it to make a slightly larger one (pink zipper).  
I lined them both in yellow stripy fabric (Simpatico, Straw in Golden), with some small blue print for the bias tape binding.  
They nest!  The pouches are fun, quick and easy to make which = perfect gift in my book.  You could even put some gift cards or tiny somethings inside (like Japanese erasers, for example!).  

I'm not sure the oddly-fitting apron is a complete bust, so I plan to take a second look at it this weekend before the gifts are due to be given.  I did make one apron from a different fabric (also not without fitting issues--ugh!) but I have to take some photos before I can show it off...

** Since I get asked routinely, no, neither my husband or I are Japanese, nor do we speak the language (well); the primary caregiver was a neighbor of ours and is the sweetest lady!


  1. These dumpling pouches are really cute!

  2. Those dumpling are darling! Love that print - what a perfect idea for your son's teachers. I'm excited to see the apron too.