Sunday, March 10, 2013

Farewell apron

I was sad to learn that one of the lovely teachers at my son's daycare is leaving this week.  She is a former elementary school teacher in Japan and is just an incredibly hardworking and dedicated teacher for the children at the daycare.  My son has learned so much!  Anyhow, I had given her this apron for Christmas; she wore it every week like a pinafore under a cardigan and told me all the time how much she loved it.  I had plans to make her another one already, but when I found out she was leaving, it was an obvious, and perfect, going away gift. 
She said she loved spring colors, and green in particular, so the main fabric, from the Summersault collection by Erin McMorris, was perfect (and on sale!).  The contrasting fabric felt risky when I was picking them out, but I like the combination in the end (Frippery by Thomas Knauer).
Fabric covered pretty, so easy (especially this kind, with the teeth on the inside).
Another application for handmade bias!  I get a ridiculous amount of use out of my bias tape makers (I have two, and may need to invest in more sizes!)
Miho-san opened the gift and immediately put the apron on over her dress at her farewell party today.  I think she liked it :)

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