Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas pajamas, a week late

Truly, I had every intention of making pajamas for my boys, but I just had to cut myself a little slack in the days leading up to Christmas.  However, the next three months are going to be busy, so I want to get all my loose ends sewn up (haha!) before it all starts.  Since I was so excited about the printed fabric (more about that later!), my big boy's PJs moved up to the top of the list.
Sewing pajamas is fun--they're fairly quick and super satisfying.  For the pattern, I used the Recess Raglan (with much narrowed arms) for the top  and the "Sleeping Johns" from Sew Liberated.  Since I needed some knit ribbing for the cuffs and neckline, I ordered up some fabric from Hart's (and got it the very next day!). I knew it was sold as a "tube" of fabric, but when it arrived, I realized it was the perfect dimensions for my skinny boy. So, I cut the top as a single piece (no side seams!), then stitched the underarm seams on the sleeves. Since the fabric is nice and stretchy, setting in the raglan sleeves was a cinch.  Serging the ribbing on such skinny cuffs was a whole different story, though!
Okay, so I bought the gray knit ribbing from Hart's, but the real story is the printed "Mod Fox" fabric. My son LOVES foxes.  His love of all animals is pretty huge, but foxes are at the top of the list.  So, Spoonflower to the rescue!  The hiding foxes, the red/green was too perfect, and seriously worth the price of a yard of the organic knit.  And of course, he loves it.  He insisted on wearing the PJs all day, and really, I couldn't bear to stop him :)
I've been sewing a bunch of other things lately, some of which I may post, but this is likely my last official make of the year.  My sewing may slow down in the next few months, but I'm registered to take an actual, college-level class in patternmaking starting at the end of January, so I am super thrilled!  I'm looking forward to seeing what this year has in store!


  1. Cute pj's and a cute model ..
    I love making pj's and gowns for my granddaughters.. Happy sewing.

  2. Oh they're fantastic. I could go crazy ordering from Spoonflower, so irresistible.