Friday, July 31, 2015

Really Maritime-y shorts

I bought this lovely chambray fabric (Robert Kaufman, Nautique Chambray) because anchors! I had ideas for a skirt which never materialized, and then felt inextricably drawn to the idea of making Grainline's Maritime Shorts with it because, well, anchors.  It's kitschy, sure, but once my mind latched on to that idea, there was no going back.  I could hardly justify buying a shorts pattern (especially since I have one in hand that I like!), except that I felt like if I didn't make *these* shorts, I may never use the fabric for anything, ever.
I am so happy I did buy the pattern!  These are not the same shorts as the others, clearly, the style is significantly different and more versatile, but also, Jen's drafting is just awesome.  After reading some reviews of the shorts being a little on the small side, I cut a size 2, grading up to a 4 at the waist. I made no other adjustments, and I am really pleased with the fit.
I added 2 full inches to the length, but then hemmed them about 1.5", so I'm not sure how much longer they actually are than the original.
I'm not usually one for patch pockets, but I went with the flow, and I kind of love the change of pace! And check out my pattern matching!  Very pleased with myself on that one and I'll be showing everyone my matching bottom :)
In other areas (uh, waistband), I made no attempts to pattern match and it shows :)  I never wear shirts tucked in, so no biggie.
Here's the zip and a glimpse of the insides.  I didn't construct the waistband as instructed, opting for a quicker and less bulky version we learned in pattern-making class--simply serge the bottom edge and sew down from the outside (either in the ditch or as topstitching, as for this garment).  Sometimes if I'm fancy, I'll add bias tape along the edge.  
For someone who doesn't like shorts, I've made a lot of them this summer...this is the end of that trend for this year.   Having satisfied my crazy obsession for really Maritime-y shorts, I can move on!

Sewing PSA of the day: did you know that NPR's This American Life is available as a 24 hour stream? That's what I listen to as I sew.  Give it a try!

2015 Resewlution, July garment #2


  1. Very cute! I've got these cut out ready to make up for summer when it gets here. So,impressed with the pocket matching!

  2. Nice pattern matching on the pocket! If I'd been behind you in the supermarket queue and glimpsed your backside I would have clocked you for a pro sewer as ready to wear never matches that well!
    I could have made the same justification for buying the new pattern. Sometimes it's the rhyme that IS the reason!

  3. Great job, nice fit and pattern matching. They look really comfy!

  4. very cute shorts, great fabric choice.

  5. Great shorts! I just bought that fabric :)

  6. What an utterly fab fit! Wow, all done with some simple grading. This pattern must be made for you!