Sunday, January 22, 2017

Reusable Swiffer dusters

As much as I love the disposable Swiffer dusters, I just can't do it anymore--all that trash!  I've recently switched to washable microfiber pads for my Swiffer sweeper, and after doing a search for reusable dusters that I could sew, I came across this tutorial at Sew Much Ado.

The process is so easy, and I've documented it in photos here, with some variations from the original tutorial.
After browsing the limited flannel section at my local quilt shop, I fell in love with this pink bunny print.  Dust bunnies....get it?? :)  To make the duster work even better with the yellow Swiffer duster handle,  I started off by sewing the stack of 8 flannel "sheets" down the center about 5" (where the "fork" begins).
Pushing the top and bottom two pieces of flannel out of the way, I then sewed about 5/8" from the fold line on both sides to create the casing.

After testing this version out, I didn't like how floppy the top and bottom layers were around the handle.  Plus, I wasn't convinced my boys would pick the right side in which to put the handle when using these dusters, so I went back and topstitched through all layers (see images below for placement).  I eye-balled all the seams, so I don't have exact measurements--sorry!

Now, the duster fits really nicely on this type of handle!
Snipping through the layers (2 at a time) with pinking sheers makes the special dust-catching shape of the original Swiffer dusters.
Here are my first 6 dusters, but a full yard of each color (pink and white) should make about 9 dusters total with the dimensions I used (7" x 5.5" for the white, 7" x 4.5" for the pink).  After making this batch, I don't think the dusters need quite so many layers--perhaps a total of 4-6 layers would do the job just as well, and save some fabric in the process.
Washing them before use is pretty much required, since I think I ended up scattering around more "dust" than I picked up when I tried them out after sewing.  Plus, flannel gets softer and more fluffy (and more dust-catching) with washing.  The photo, above, is what the duster looked like after a wash and dry.

Overall, I'm excited to start using these reusable dusters!  Hopefully my boys are equally thrilled, since they are the ones that will really be using them :)


  1. Thanks for the share.... really handy (and stash busting) way of using scrap fabrics and much better than buying the store bought (I do something similar with a 'mop' and found it better and obviously cheaper than the store bought)

    1. Yes! With a stash of flannel scraps, you could make some fun, eclectic ones!

  2. please be sure to get rid of the dust really well before putting the rags in your laundry machine. The dust collected is not only full of allergens but with harmful chemicals (phthalates for example).

  3. Great idea! I never purchased a swiffer because I didn't want to contribute to landfill. This tutorial might change my mind.

    1. They are really nice; the handle and shape makes them easier to dust with than just a rag, and with a reusable duster it's eco-friendly, too!