Thursday, April 27, 2017

Two summer shirtdresses: M6891

I was definitely not kidding when I said I tend to sew up a pattern twice!  Since I made this two dresses just days apart, I thought I would post them together :)
The pattern is McCall's M6891.  It's a good, classic shirtdress style with a convertible collar and pockets.  I love the full skirt, waistline seam, and ungathered back (why do designers do that??). Since it's a Palmer and Pletsch pattern, there are extensive directions for tissue-fitting and adjusting the pattern. The fit I achieved on the first go-round was good enough that I didn't have to make too many changes for the second version (though the fit was slightly different...).  

So I made the checked dress first with fabric purchased at Style Maker Fabrics.  The check has "running stitches" along some of the vertical and horizontal lines, which gives the fabric a bit more personality.  Unfortunately, after washing, the stitches shrunk a little more than the rest of the fabric, which gives it an overall slightly puckered look.  I'm okay with it, but I would have been happier without the extra texture.

 I did my best to match the pattern all around, but it wasn't always successful--quel domage!
For the closures, I used navy snaps from Snap Source--they worked perfectly!

The dress is so comfortable and cool, I can't wait to wear it all summer!
I chose this amazing linen fabric (on sale right now!) from Britex for my second version.  I had purchased the fabric for another purpose, but the plan quickly changed after my first dress.  I LOVE this fabric--it's linen, and while it looks a tad "rumpled", it doesn't get the serious wrinkles that other linens can get.

I went with the sleeveless option for this version.  Normally I don't love sleeveless garments, but it seemed to fit the style of the fabric and I'm sure I'll be appreciative of the extra cooling in the dead of summer. 

Somehow, this version is a bit tighter than the other, but it's still perfectly wearable.  I'm super pleased with the back coverage and the depth of the armhole.

Again, I had to worry about pattern matching, and I made a mistake!  If you look junction of the bodice and skirt, the colors are opposite.  Oops!  

Again, I used snaps (antique brass color, again from Snap Source).  In both versions, I added hidden snaps between the visible ones around the belly area to keep the placket from gaping.  These are tiny, clear plastic ones that are just perfect for this purpose (from Dritz). 
I love these two shirtdresses and I'm certain they're going to be a staple when the weather warms up a bit!  Bring on the summer!


  1. Linda (ACraftyScrivener)2:05 PM

    Gorgeous! Isn't it frustrating/a challenge how much different fabric effects fit?

  2. Brilliant use of the clear snaps...i am going to borrow that idea, as soon as i clear out my current skirt project and move on to my own shirt dress. Thanks for sharing

  3. Your shirt dresses are so cute! I must try this pattern!

  4. Snaps are a great idea. Nice job matching everything, always a challenge! The dresses look so comfy!!!

  5. Just lovely! both of them.

  6. Great dresses, love the collar on this pattern.

  7. Great looking dresses, I love both plaids, they look like they'll be really good for summer!

  8. Beautiful work as always! how have you finished the arms off on the sleeveless version? They look so smoothly done.

  9. Loving both of these checked beauties! And I think the shrinkage gives the first fabrication a slightly seersucker look...LOVE!

    Shirt dresses are so big this season...hands down, one of the most wearable silhouettes!

  10. You did a great matching job and the linen of the 2nd dress is beautiful. Congrats