Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Last post about diaper covers? Maybe?

So I've written extensively about diaper covers already (because, hey, when you have an 8.5 month old, it's a fairly consuming topic), but I've got exciting news to share!  For a long while, I'd been wondering if Little Man was bothered by the bulk in his midsection (between doubled cloth and wide cover).  There's not much I can do about the doubled cloth bit, but the covers I can change.  After measuring my purchased covers, looking at several patterns, and using this tutorial, I have created my own diaper cover design!  With this new and improved version, I've narrowed the wings and lowered the front rise (which increases the back rise).  Little Man doesn't complain much, so I don't know if he enjoys his new cover more than the old, but I think they look a little more streamlined.  I've even put some up for sale at my Etsy site (with more on the way)!

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