Friday, June 03, 2011

Taming the marker mayhem

The cardboard boxes that crayons, markers and colored pencils come in are virtually useless in the long run.  We toss them as soon as they are opened.  Instead, I've made zippered oilcloth bags for each type of implement.  Well, my son decided he was going to remove all the markers from one to put in stuff he wants to take on vacation to NY (in three weeks).  Clearly, a new bag was needed, and since he's now a reader, I decided to label the oilcloth with the contents.  Even though I have a brand new sewing machine (happy birthday to me!), it does not do embroidery, so I sketched and stitched the letters freehand.  The grid pattern on the fabric was super helpful there, but don't look too closely at the "S" at the end :)  Unlike the previous bags, I squared the bottom by sewing the corners so it can stand upright.

I love cute and functional!

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