Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day sewing

I received the most incredible Mother's Day gift today: uninterrupted time to sew. My husband took the boys to the aquarium for the day, so my day was free.  I did some cleaning and worked on writing a test...even drove into work to check on some bacterial plates for an experiment, but the majority of my day was spent working on these:

I guess it's only fitting that I made something for one of my kids, eh? :)  

I used a well-fitting pair of pants for the waist and crotch, but drafted the rest of the pattern myself.  Slant pockets, back patch pockets and an adjustable elastic waistband were some of the fun parts I added.  
Little boys and buttons/ zippers don't always play so nicely, so I went with a faux-fly and button.  I think it's adorable!  I got to try out my double needle for some of the topstitching, but I definitely need to get a wider-set pair!
I lined the pockets and waistband with a fabric scrap from my stash and it might be the last time I can use "cute" fabric for his clothing, even for parts that are unseen by the other kids.  I just can't use skulls or camo for my little guy, even if it's the popular thing to wear.  My son is in first grade and I know eventually the time will come when a hand-made item from mom is going to be an embarrassment, but for now, he was pleased to wear his new pants.
 The fabric is denim-ish, with some stretch, important for all those kid moves:

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