Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Fashion Illustration

Hey, did you know anyone can learn how to draw?  On the first day of my Fashion Sketching course, we all drew our best fashion figure.  Here's mine: 
Over the semester, we've learned how to draw a 9-head fashion figure, garments and garment features, shade with markers, and render textures and patterns.  It was truly fascinating!  Here are some of my favorites:
Study in shading structured garments
Practice rendering cable knit sweater and ostrich leather skirt.
Homework (rendering textured garments) with photo reference from Prada Fall 2015
Homework (shading structured garments) with photo reference from Miu Miu Spring 2014
Last week, I submitted my final project.  I chose Prada's Fall 2015 collection as my inspiration.  I truly fell in love with this line, it has all the things I love about clothing: bright colors, structured garments and a modernized-vintage vibe.  I also adore the styling (Shoes!  Gloves! Those lucite brooches!).  So many good things.  Here's my final project (in reality, it is a large 14 x 17" board):

Here are the reference photos, from the Prada runway show:

Having spent the majority of my post-teen years immersed in science and education, it was so enjoyable to take this class.  Homework was fun!  How I wish there was an advanced class!

I have been sewing a tiny bit (black cigarette-style pants and the start of a vintage-pattern dress), but it's been slow going (and clearly not documented!).  Between this drawing class, my own teaching load, and an online teaching certification course, I haven't had loads of time to spend at the sewing machine.  But summer is coming soon!  


  1. WOW! Very nice drawings!!!

  2. These are great. Sure beats all the capsicums you have to draw at a lot of adult learn to draw courses!

  3. Very nicely done!!!!!

  4. Great sketches...what a major increase in your skill.

  5. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Wow! Your first sketch was pretty good, and then you progressed so much. Great job!