Monday, May 25, 2015

Self-drafted pin-tuck blouse, two ways

Pin-tuck blouse muslin (left) and revised version (right)
This blouse. I've had plans to make an official pattern for that top since I first made it. I even bought fabric (years ago) for the job, as encouragement. Ha.  In cleaning out my sewing room this weekend, I found a partial pattern of the blouse--just the back--and I decided it was time to knock that project off the list.  Time to break out the pattern drafting tools and my sloper!

Here's my first version, in red-orange gauze. The beauty of single gauze is that it's really cheap, very breathable (perfect for summer garments) and fairly easy to work with.  The top fits okay (despite forgetting to add seam allowance--oops--I remembered in time to use a scant 1/4"), but the neckline is a bit wonky--it doesn't lay flat on my neck, and flops open.
The main design feature are the radiating pin-tucks in the front and back.  They give shaping and some interest to an otherwise simple top.
Floppy neckline...
After this first version, I made some alterations to the pattern: neckline, sleeves (I wanted elastic gathers) and general fit.  The second version is a big improvement (though not perfect, still!) and I just adore the result!  Here's my happy face:
This fabric is double-gauze; the added thickness may explain why it still feels a little snug despite adding seam allowance and some width.  But it's very comfortable and seriously cute.
The neckline is really curved and lays so nicely.

While the first version had fish eye darts in the back, I left them out after an initial fitting.  After looking at this photo, maybe I should go ahead and sew them--they're still marked on the inside :)
It feels so nice to get this off the list!  I can't wait to wear it with some cute red shorts.
I've got one more length of gauze fabric--in sheer silk.  For that version, I may omit the front placket, and add a key hole in the back.  Time to go back to the drafting table!
My JCPenney catalog pose :)

2015 Resewlution, May garment #1+2 (I still need to do more sewing!)


  1. Superb! You look wonderful in this. Such a simple, lovely top. The gathered sleeves on the second one suit it perfectly.

  2. love the orange one the tucks are seen so well.. :) If you want some testers for it count me LOL it is so pretty

  3. Vanessa9:27 PM

    Wow! Both of these tops are so cute! I've been adoring the first one since it first lead me to your blog when it caught my eye in the spring top sew-along (was that really 2012?), and have been meaning to make my own version since then (ha!).

    1. Oh goodness...I couldn't even face looking at the date! Someday...I will have this pattern done up properly!

  4. Anonymous12:02 AM

    This deserves to be made into a pattern. I'd buy it! Totally gorgeous :)

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