Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Work Uniform, Version 2

Catch-up time!  In the past months in which I've been absent from these parts, I have been sewing (at least a little...) but no time to take photos!  Today, I spent a hour or so documenting most of what I've made since mid-October, starting with a second version of my Fall work uniform.  I got so much use out of these two skirts (grey and tan) and two sweaters (plum and black/white floral), mixing and matching and wearing with other pieces (like a pair of slim black pants made in my Canada College Pants making course).  Unfortunately, my lab is so cold that the 3/4 sleeve tops weren't super practical, so until it warms up I might have to have a different plan (one that involves long underwear, I'm afraid). 

Anyhow, the skirt details are the same as before--self-drafted high-waisted skirt, in a lovely camel-colored wool (of uncertain origin), lined in Bemberg, with a necessary kick-pleat.  I've taken the width in at the hem for a better shape, but it makes walking up stairs "interesting".  Obviously, I need to lengthen the kick-pleat a tad...

The top is the Seamwork Astoria that I've made a bunch of times already.  The fit is great and I like the sleek style, so I can't imagine I won't make a million more.  The fabric is what makes this top more interesting, though.  It's a black knit mesh (so kind of sheer, actually, at least in the black areas) with sort of flocked and fuzzy cream flowers.  It's soft, the print is fun, and it's still available (here at Style Maker Fabrics)!  Here's a closer view:
I'm not sure I need a third version of this outfit at the moment, but you never know.  I'll be teaching a lot more days over the next 3 months, so it's possible I'll need a fresh skirt and top combo!


  1. Love the top, looks really soft and comfy!

  2. I LOVE the fabric on your top so much, I may have to purchase it and force myself to make something that I pray will be wearable. :-)

  3. Beautiful outfit - love the combination of top and skirt for colour, texture and style :)

  4. Anonymous7:56 PM

    I was just going to say that StephC's pattern company, Cake Patterns, had a great skirt that would suit your kickpleat needs in a different way. Hummingbird separates. Then I looked it up, and they appear to be gone.
    Maybe you can buy their patterns used? You can see what they've offered by checking the sewing pattern review site. Loads of positive reviews.

    1. FYI,Sewing Cake Patterns IS still around just with a new owner but the same patterns at