Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Striped Bowline sweater

After making a couple of fancy Linden sweaters (here, here, and here), I wasn't ready to give up my comfy sweatshirt-analogs when the warm weather hit.  Papercut's Bowline sweater was such an unusual design, I couldn't resist!
As an aside, if you haven't ordered a printed PDF from Papercut, do it!  It takes a while to arrive to the US, but the packaging and presentation of the pattern is so worth the wait (and extra cost).
The style of the Bowline sweater is reminiscent of the Drape Drape styles, with a funky, fold-over neckline type of thing.  I'm not sure I assembled it perfectly (the dart is visible, and it seems like it should be more hidden), but it looks pretty interesting, regardless.
I went with the size XS, but I think the XXS would have been better (though it's very comfortable in the oversized fit!)  I did reduce the length of the sleeves by about an inch.
This photo, above, makes it look like I've draped my arm across my chest, but no!  It's in my back pocket :)
As it turns out, this top looks pretty good with my Birdie shorts and I may make a second version with some heather gray knit I've got in my stash.
We just spent a nice vacation in Hawaii; I took photos of my next Britex project there (to be posted on the 30th) and bought a bunch of fabric.  I tore through Fabric Mart and bought 5 lengths of Hawaiian print fabric in about 10 minutes.  I have only the most tentative plans for it all!

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