Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Joke's on me (and then on him!)

It's Day 2 of my Spring Break, which does NOT coincide with my kid's break.  That means I have a list a mile long of sewing projects to work on and an empty house for the entire day!  BUT, in honor of the April 1st holiday, my sly little 8 year old son locked my sewing room door before he left for school.  Thankfully, it was the Internet (and a tiny screwdriver, after pins and skewers didn't do the trick) to the rescue, and I have regained possession of my work room.

Clearly, the only thing to do is relock the door at the end of the day and complain loudly and pitifully that I couldn't sew the whole day!


  1. Ohh!! How sly!! I'd put wet flannels in his bed hehehe

    1. That would just be a mess I'd have to clean up afterwards!

  2. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Hahahaha!! :) very funny! Glad you made it in though :)

  3. How funny... My hubby and I married 42 years ago today...So, we get a lot of the April Fool's Day jokes..hahaha
    Proud you got in your sewing room...and hope you have a good spring break.

  4. Cute story. What a little stinker. :)

  5. Little monkey. But you have to admire his skills! ;-)