Tuesday, April 08, 2014

KCW: knit pants and top

To be truthful, I started my KCW sewing last week, but considering I rarely sew for the kids, I think it counts :)  So, just a super quick post of some new duds.  (By the way, the word "duds" is kind of wacky, but I'm going with it.)
The first is a cute raglan t-shirt.  I absolutely adore the bicycle fabric, and used an old shirt of my husbands for the sleeves.  The neckline is dark gray ribbing, that somehow matched.  I used the Oliver + S Field Trip Raglan T-Shirt pattern and it's lovely.  For the 4.5 seconds it was on my child, it appeared to fit perfectly.  And then he refused to wear it for the rest of eternity (or at least until he forgets that I made it, which seems to be the only reason he detests it.)  The brain of a toddler is a mysterious place.
I also whipped up two pairs of pants in this knit style, the Nature Walk Knit Pants pattern, also by Oliver +S.  I didn't make a big deal about having made these, so they actually got worn!  As a matter of fact, the black pair I made were so dirty that I couldn't photo them until they get washed, so that's progress!  Can I say how much I LOVE this pattern?  They are fitted (perfect for both my skinny boys), they couldn't be any easier to sew and they have the tiniest bit of style.  They're like boy yoga pants.  I immediately bought up some heavy weight knit fabric so I could make more and more and more of these! 

After the refusal to wear my beloved bicycle top, I'm reminded, yet again, why I don't make clothes for my kids.  But, the pants are basic enough that if I just put them in the dresser, they might not be the wiser.  I may still sew up some PJs for the two of them, but needless to say, it will be back to sewing my own 'duds' soon!


  1. Love the bicycle shirt..adorable.. [Maybe he will forget you made it, and be ready to wear it.lol].. Great pants too.. Happy sewing.

  2. Fantastic top, was keen to buy some of the fabric but its out of stock:( hope it gets some more wear soon.

  3. Love the bicycle top (of course!) and I'm also a big fan of the Nature Walk pants. You know, it took me a while to realise you HAD kids as I would see all your lovely sewing for yourself, but nothing for any littlies! Nothing worse than rejected clothing though. Fickle beasts small children, hang in there. Worst case you'll have some very happy non sewing friends to take your hand-me-downs!