Monday, April 21, 2014

Patternmaking class homework: the casual shirt

With only about a month left of my semester-long patternmaking class, our first "real" garment (the first made in fashion fabric) is due this Thursday: the casual shirt.  Using our slopers, we were to draft a slightly oversized shirt with collar, collar stand, button placket, and cuffs with buttons and continuous placket. My sloper set isn't my size to begin with, so making an oversized top is clearly not something I can wear myself.  And as such, I wanted to spend as little as possible on fabric :)  I found this apparently vintage fabric (from France!) in the clearance rack at the local shop for $3.99/ yard.  If it were made into a cute fitted top, I think I would totally rock this crazy print, but as an oversized...well, not so much. :(
Hmm...pretty sure this isn't my size.
But the collar meets at the top!  But who wears this sort of shirt all buttoned up...?
That's better: unbuttoned and sleeves rolled up.  The sleeves are comically large--I think I could fit both of my arms into one.  Below, button placket, with some pleats for added volume.
For whatever reason, this shirt gave me such a hard time to construct (over 6 hours!  What?!).  I went into it thinking the sewing would be the least of my worries, but the right and wrong sides of this fabric are only barely distinguishable, so I ended up putting wrong sides out on multiple occasions.  So much of this top was ripped out and redone.  As I've mentioned to my husband, patternmaking class really brings out the obsessive-compulsive perfectionist in me!
Back, with yoke and pleat (for additional added volume :).
At least I have my own sloper set (now complete, after I drafted the skirt and sleeve pieces this weekend) and can use my newly learnt patternmaking skills to create a casual shirt in my own size, should I feel the need!

Does this count as a Resewlution garment?  Probably not, since I'm not wearing it....


  1. You did a wonderful job.. Love that fabric..

  2. Anonymous11:58 AM

    That fabric is awesome! In a weird way it reminds me of cells or amoebae or something vaguely microbiological. How fun that you're taking a pattern making class, it's something I would love to do (maybe I will)!

    1. If you have the time, do it! I love taking this class--I've learned SO much!